Bathroom Skylights

Get a bathroom skylight and enter a world full of the most relaxing baths, sun-drenched showers and inspirational toilet time possible. Make each day a holiday, whilst raising your homes value, by installing a bathroom roof window sooner rather than later.

Skylights For Bathrooms

Our most popular bathroom skylights, otherwise known as bathroom roof windows and bathroom rooflights, are fixed, quick2fit and opening skylights. Fixed skylights for bathrooms are great because they are the most cost-effective option. However, you may want to choose Quik2Fit bathroom skylight, so that installation is as quick as possible. Alternatively, an opening rooflight may be the best choice for your bathroom, because it is the most effective way to ventilate a bathroom after a long hot shower.

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    • Will Condensation Damage The Rooflight?
      If exposed to enough constant moisture, condensation may damage your bathroom rooflight. This is only in extreme cases, though, and even though average household activities can create condensation around your rooflights, they won’t be enough to damage them instantaneously. In the bathroom, the main source of condensation is the shower, especially when it is hot. Fortunately, the effects of condensation on your bathroom rooflight can be reduced by ventilation. Using extractor fans, dehumidifiers, and opening windows to increase air circulation, are all things you can do to ensure that the condensation you produce will not damage your bathroom rooflight.
    • Can I put a rooflight in the bathroom?
      You can! If you intend to install a bathroom rooflight, there are a few things you should consider before doing so. The first is that certain types of rooflights will work better in a bathroom. For example, you can install an opening rooflight, which will allow you to ventilate the bathroom and reduce the chances of damaging condensation building up. Condensation is the only drawback to installing a rooflight in your bathroom. But if you ensure that you have the necessary preventative measures, there is no reason why you cannot install a bathroom rooflight!
    • Can I put a rooflight above my shower?
      You can! Bathroom roof lights above the shower can bring far more light into your bathroom both directly, and once it reflects from the mirrors. The only thing you should think about is the condensation that will be caused as a result of your bathroom rooflight being in close contact with your shower. The area around your shower is known as zone 2. The area is not submerged in water, but it will encounter high quantities of it. To remedy this, ensuring that you have enough ventilation in your bathroom, placing a rooflight above your shower will pose no problems!
    • Do rooflights prevent mould?
      Rooflights can prevent mould if they encourage enough ventilation. If you find that your rooflight is making your room feel stuffy, especially in a room susceptible to condensation, mould will start developing. Decreased levels of humidity prevent mould from breeding. For this reason, an opening rooflight can help to prevent mould!
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