Garage Skylights

Garage skylights are a great addition to any garage, whether you’re looking to add a skylight to your existing garage, or you’re going for a completely new renovation. They provide a natural source of light, which avoids the stress and hassle of installing garage lights that can often be noisy and temperamental. Furthermore, skylights are known to increase overall health as they provide a supply of Vitamin D, lowers blood pressure and improves our moods – all thanks to the natural sunlight exposure received.

Our selection of garage skylights offers functionality, stunning designs and value for money. They can reduce your energy bills significantly, as they use less energy consumption. We know that garages aren’t known for their light, airy atmosphere which is why they make for the perfect fit when enhancing your overall garage space.

Garage Roof Windows

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rooflights and skylights, we take great pride in providing a selection of high performance, high-quality products that add a stunning design appeal to your home and it’s exterior. As well as providing an aesthetic appeal, garage roof windows can also add great value to your home.

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    • Will A Garage Skylight Discourage Damp?
      Due to the additional ventilation provided by garage skylights, there are fewer opportunities for mould to develop and spread. Mould thrives on moisture and warmth. So, by removing both of those conditions with an opening rooflight, you’ll find that the amount of any existing mould in your garage will decrease, and the possibility of mould developing will become less likely.
    • Will A Garage Skylight Leak?
      If your garage skylight is installed correctly, it will not be liable to leak. Leaking occurs in rooflights when the silicone seal has not been placed correctly, allowing water to accumulate and leak in. This is unusual, though, and many reports of leaking are a result of a misunderstanding. For example, those with opening rooflights may think that their rooflight is leaking, but it just isn’t closed properly.
    • Will A Skylight Insulate A Garage?
      Garage skylights are fantastic insulators. Their insulating properties can mainly be attributed to the double glazing used for the glass, which helps to significantly reduce heat loss. Garage skylights are especially efficient in the winter, as they will help to regulate the temperature of your garage and reduce the need for artificial heat.
    • What Is The Best Type Of Skylight To Install In A Garage?
      The best type of skylight to install in a garage is a flat roof window. These types of rooflights provide a natural light source that prevents the stress and hassle of installing garage lights. Furthermore, flat roof windows can be installed with an opening mechanism. This will help to introduce some much-needed ventilation into your garage and encourage air circulation, which in turn will decrease the feeling of stuffiness and hinder the development of mould on your items.
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