Kitchen Roof Lanterns

Channel more daylight into your kitchen and dining area with kitchen roof lanterns. Our roof lanterns have become incredibly popular in helping homeowners and business owners create a brighter, more spacious and atmospheric environment. While kitchen roof lanterns offer practical features, they also feature an array of design elements too that add a touch of magic to your interior.

Our kitchen roof lanterns are thermally efficient with various glass types to choose from, so not only can you customise to your own specifications, but you can save costs on energy bills too. You can rest assured that our applications are made using the latest and advanced engineering technology as standard. Shop online for your roof lantern, or alternatively get in touch with us if you require further assistance – we’d be more than happy to help.

Roof Lanterns for Your Kitchen

We are a leading specialist in kitchen roof lanterns for your orangery extension, and we offer only the best, high performing lanterns in the market. All of our roof lanterns are easy to install, and boast durability and security – so you can rest assured they perform exceedingly well, whilst offering an aesthetic style to your interior. The korniche roof lantern is the most popular roof lantern we stock, and provides a modern, sleek design. It’s the quickest, most efficient lantern you can install with an incredible finish. Korniche is THE leading brand for roof lanterns, and with high performance glazing to reduce heat transfer, no wonder it’s gained popularity with homes of all types and sizes, including new builds!

Benefits of Kitchen Roof Lanterns

– Reduces Your Energy Bills
– Keeps Rooms Warmer for Longer
– Introduces More Natural Light
– Various Health Benefits (reduces seasonal affective disorder)

  • Korniche Roof Lanterns

    Korniche roof lanterns

    The Korniche Roof Lantern is without doubt, the best value aluminium roof lantern on the market and provides looks and performance head & shoulders above any similar priced competitor. Our Korniche roof lanterns are best suited and commonly installed on domestic properties.

    • Quick & Easy To Install
    • Strong, Durable & Secure
    • Thermally Efficient With Choice Of Glass Types
    • Slim Sight-Lines Means More Glass Less Frame

    Great product, great service and great price. Don’t waste your time looking any further!

  • SpanGard Roof Lanterns

    SpanGard Roof Lanterns

    SpanGard self-supporting aluminium roof lanterns and skylights are manufactured from the ThermGard patent glazing system providing excellent thermal performance. Each rooflight is pre-built in our factory and fully fabricated ready for immediate installation on site. The integrated aluminium cill, ridge, hip & eaves members enables roof pitches from 15° to 45° and in some instances beyond, subject to overall width dimensions. Our Spanguard roof lanterns are best suited and commonly installed on commercial properties.

    Custom made to order.

    Your products have stood the test of time and lots and lots of rain!


  • What Are The Benefits Of Installing Kitchen Skylights?
    There are two primary benefits of installing a kitchen skylight; increased light levels & mood improvement. Kitchen skylights, regardless of their size, help to raise the light levels in your kitchen. When cooking with sharp utensils and hot food, it is integral to see correctly. Rooflights are a direct window to the sky, so you’re guaranteed to receive higher light levels. Additionally, natural light promotes positive moods and helps to enhance creativity and concentration, two feelings vital to have in the kitchen.
  • How Much Do Kitchen Skylights Cost?
    Our Korniche Rooflights have a starting price of £600. But the general cost of a kitchen skylight depends entirely on several factors, the type of rooflight you choose to install, the type of glass you want, and any additional features you may include. Here at Rooflight Centre, we ensure that every skylight we sell is available in various sizes to guarantee a fit for your home. However, if you need a size bigger than what you can see is available you can contact us for a bespoke rooflight quote!
  • How Long Will Kitchen Skylights Last?
    We guarantee a 10-year warranty on all our products, including kitchen skylights. However, with the correct maintenance and care, can withstand years beyond this. You should make sure to clean your kitchen skylights bi-yearly with warm water and mild soap to keep your kitchen skylight in good condition. Cleaning with harsher chemicals and a pressure washer can encourage avoidable deterioration, so it is important to follow the upkeep procedures to extend the life of your kitchen skylight.
  • Are Kitchen Skylights Easy To Install?
    As is with anything, kitchen skylights are easy to install if you know what you’re doing. Generally, we ensure that our products are uncomplicated and can be installed by anyone. But if you doubt your abilities in any way, we recommend that you consult a trusted builder to complete your installation. We have our installation guides available for download on our website, so have a browse before purchasing your kitchen skylight!
  • What Is The Best Size For A Kitchen Skylight?
    Generally, kitchen skylights should amount to roughly 3-5% of the floor area of the room. But if you don’t have any or very few windows, your kitchen skylight can be larger. Despite this general rule, we at Rooflight Centre think you should be able to achieve the skylight you’re visualising, regardless of its size. But the best thing to do is consult a builder and inquire about the proposed size of your rooflight before you order.
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