Conservatory Roof Lanterns

Is it time to enhance an existing conservatory or are you looking to integrate roof lanterns within your brand new conservatory extension? As a leading specialist in rooflights and skylights, we’re here to provide the best conservatory roof lanterns available online. A lantern conservatory offers uninterrupted views of the sky, meaning you get more natural sunlight into the home which is an immediate mood builder!

Our conservatory roof lanterns are thermally efficient with various glass types to choose from, so not only can you customise to your own specifications, but you can save costs on energy bills too. You can rest assured that our applications are made using the latest and advanced engineering technology as standard. If you have any queries regarding our roof lanterns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for professional and friendly advice.

Conservatory Lanterns

We are a leading specialist in conservatory lanterns, and we offer only the best, high performing lanterns in the market. All of our roof lanterns are easy to install, and boast durability and security – so you can rest assured they perform exceedingly well, whilst offering an aesthetic style to your interior. The korniche roof lantern is the most popular roof lantern we stock, and provides a modern, sleek design. It’s the quickest, most efficient lantern you can install with an incredible finish. Korniche is THE leading brand for roof lanterns, and with high performance glazing to reduce heat transfer, no wonder it’s gained popularity with homes of all types and sizes, including new builds!

Benefits of Conservatory Lanterns

– Reduces Your Energy Bills
– Keeps Rooms Warmer for Longer
– Introduces More Natural Light
– Various Health Benefits (reduces seasonal affective disorder)

  • Korniche Roof Lanterns

    Korniche roof lanterns

    The Korniche Roof Lantern is without doubt, the best value aluminium roof lantern on the market and provides looks and performance head & shoulders above any similar priced competitor. Our Korniche roof lanterns are best suited and commonly installed on domestic properties.

    • Quick & Easy To Install
    • Strong, Durable & Secure
    • Thermally Efficient With Choice Of Glass Types
    • Slim Sight-Lines Means More Glass Less Frame

    Great product, great service and great price. Don’t waste your time looking any further!

  • Wendland Roof Lanterns

    Wendland is the first choice for those looking for a UPVC Roof Lantern. Amazing value when consider against aluminium alternatives, Wendland is manufactured from UV stabilised PVC for maximum durability. The unique RidgeLOCK system provides maximum strength and clip on features ensure there are no visible fixings providing a neat, stylish finish. Wendland roof lanterns include many thermal features to ensure outstanding performance, especially important in kitchen or bathroom environments where heat levels and humidity can change quickly increasing the risk of condensation.

    • Quick & Easy To Install
    • Range of Self-Cleaning Toughened Safety Glass Including Solar Control
    • Thermally efficient, strong PVCU frame for durability
    • High performance gaskets & cappings for maximum weather-tightness
    • Manual or Electric Opening vents available
    • Several standard sizes to choose from – bespoke sizes also available

  • SpanGard Roof Lanterns

    SpanGard Roof Lanterns

    SpanGard self-supporting aluminium roof lanterns and skylights are manufactured from the ThermGard patent glazing system providing excellent thermal performance. Each rooflight is pre-built in our factory and fully fabricated ready for immediate installation on site. The integrated aluminium cill, ridge, hip & eaves members enables roof pitches from 15° to 45° and in some instances beyond, subject to overall width dimensions. Our Spanguard roof lanterns are best suited and commonly installed on commercial properties.

    Custom made to order.

    Your products have stood the test of time and lots and lots of rain!


  • What’s The Best Type Of Roof Lantern To Use In A Conservatory?
    The best types of rooflights to use in a conservatory are Korniche roof lanterns and opening skylights. Korniche roof lanterns are especially desirable because they have an incredibly sturdy structure thanks to their aluminium frames and high-quality double-glazing. Their reinforced construction will allow you to create tall and secure conservatories. Alternatively, opening skylights increase ventilation in your conservatory, which is a necessity in the summer when the temperature of your conservatory will increase considerably.
  • Will Roof Lanterns Help To Insulate The Conservatory?
    Conservatory roof lanterns are fantastic insulators. Their insulating properties can mainly be attributed to the double glazing used for the glass, which helps to significantly reduce heat loss. Conservatory roof lanterns are especially efficient in the winter, as they will help to regulate the temperature of your conservatory and reduce the need for constant artificial heat.
  • Will A Roof Lantern Help To Reduce Mould In The Conservatory?
    Due to the additional ventilation provided by conservatory roof lanterns, there are fewer opportunities for mould to develop, and spread. Mould thrives on moisture and warmth. So, by removing both of those conditions with an opening rooflight, you’ll find that the amount of any existing mould in your conservatory will decrease, and the possibility of mould developing will become less likely.
  • How Much Does A Conservatory Roof Lantern Cost?
    The cost of conservatory roof lanterns depends on the type of rooflight you choose to install. For example, an opening rooflight will cost at least £1,400, but a Korniche roof lantern can start at £600. It all depends on the size you’d like your roof lantern, the type of roof lantern you choose, and the added features you include. Here at Rooflight Centre, we have several glass types available, as well as a range of rooflights to choose from. Contact us today to receive a personalised quote!
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