Orangery Skylights

Orangery skylights are arguably where the whole idea of skylights started. In the gardens of Renaissance Italy, large sheets of glass were produced by new glassmaking technology and innovative horticulturalists used this to create the next logical step from a walled garden (which protects plants during winter). These new rooms, sometimes entire buildings, could be used to grow plants often restricted to tropical countries, hence the name orangery. Today, the name often describes a more structurally sound conservatory, often made of as much brick as it is glass and used as living spaces. We have provided orangery skylights to prestigious buildings such as Buckingham Palace, as well as the average home.

Skylights For Orangeries

The most popular orangery skylights we provide are opening skylights and bespoke skylights. Opening skylights for orangeries, especially electric ones, allow greater atmospheric control, which is particularly important in growing tropical plants, whilst allowing living spaces to breathe during the warmer months. Bespoke skylights for orangeries are popular because they allow the construction of completely unique, beautiful designs. Our expertise in bespoke rooflights is why many of the finest orangeries in the UK have been built with our glass.

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modern glass orangery

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