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Bedroom Skylights

Browse our bedroom skylights and start each day in style, with the suns rays waking you up, perking you up and warming you up as you jump out of bed ready to face the day. Skylights for bedrooms also increase the value of your home, plus many buyers will see it and fall in love, however, you won’t want to sell with one of these in your life.

Skylights For Bedrooms

Our most popular bedroom skylights, otherwise known as bedroom rooflights and bedroom roof windows, are fixed, access and bespoke rooflights. Fixed skylights for bedrooms are great because they offer a no-frills, cost-effective way to get the skylight of your dreams. However, upgrading to an access rooflight for your bedroom will allow you to get out on to your roof, opening up even further opportunities for stargazing and making a truly magical addition to your home. Alternatively, if you would like something a little different, or simply have a roof like no other, we can create a custom rooflight for your bedroom, maybe even a full roof lantern similar to the roof of St Pancras station.

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Bedroom rooflight

Bedroom skylight


  • Will A Bedroom Skylight Encourage Insulation?
    Yes! Skylights, otherwise known as rooflights, are a perfect method to prevent the amount of heat from escaping from your bedroom, keeping it warmer and more comfortable for longer. The improved insulation from your bedroom skylight will reduce the need for methods of artificial heating, as only small amounts of warmth will be needed to maintain your room at a comfortable temperature. Standard rooflights use double-glazing, but we have the option for triple-glazing if you want to increase your insulation even further.
  • Is A Bedroom Skylight Liable To Leak?
    If your bedroom skylight is installed correctly, it will not be liable to leaking. Leaking occurs in rooflights when the silicone seal has not been placed correctly, allowing water to accumulate and leak into your house. This is unusual, though, and many reports of leaking are a result of a misunderstanding. For example, those with opening rooflights may think that their rooflight is leaking, but it just isn’t closed properly. Additionally, bedrooms that have high levels of humidity can result in water gathering on the rooflight that eventually drips.
  • Are Bedroom Skylights Easy To Clean?
    Bedroom skylights are incredibly easy to clean. Cleaning them only requires warm water, a sponge, and a very mild detergent. The warm water will help to lift the dirt from the rooflight, and the detergent will gently remove it without compromising the quality of your rooflight. Silicone sealants and metal frames don’t respond well to harsh cleaning products, as they can cause premature deterioration and generally make your bedroom skylight look a bit mucky. So it is important to ensure you follow the cleaning guidelines.
  • How Long Will A Bedroom Skylight Last?
    Here at Rooflight Centre, we provide our customers with a 10-year guarantee on our products, as we are confident in their quality. Rooflights can last far longer than this with the correct maintenance, so it is vital to ensure that you always follow the recommendations concerning the care of your rooflight.

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