Loft Skylights

Loft skylights and loft roof windows are an essential part of renovating any loft/attic. Without a loft skylight or loft roof window, that space previously used for storage is going to feel incredibly claustrophobic and will likely be poorly ventilated. The drastic difference is what adds value to a loft conversion because without it you’ve just insulted a large cupboard and said its a bedroom, lounge etc. Aloft skylight, and the natural light it will let in, transforms that space an enviable jewel in your properties crown.

Attic Skylights

The most popular attic skylights and attic roof windows are opening rooflights, access rooflights and bespoke rooflights. Opening rooflights/roof windows for lofts are popular because they provide both light and much-needed ventilation into the room, which is especially important during the warmer months. Access skylights for lofts are great because they allow the otherwise unaccessible roof to become an even more useful part of your home, whether you want to make a mini stargazing platform, balcony or if your a kid at heart, a slide. Bespoke/custom skylights for lofts are perfect if your attic area is a little unusual, or you want to create a unique design feature, limited only by your imagination.

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Loft windows

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