Are Electric Roof Windows Energy Efficient?

In a lot of modern properties, you will likely see the integration of electric roof windows. Not only do these fantastic products provide the benefits of a traditional roof window, but they go further in providing better accessibility and ventilation. 

With the recent rise in the cost of energy bills, people are rightfully looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in the home. Afterall the more energy efficient a property is, the less the homeowner is spending on energy bills. Makes total sense.

With that in mind, people often ask us if electric roof windows are energy efficient. Meaning, does this product have the ability to add to a property’s energy efficiency in a positive way. 

Today we are unpacking that. As a leading supplier of modern electric roof windows, we want to demonstrate how great this product really is. Moreover, we want to show how they can vastly improve your home’s energy expenditure.

Electric Roof Windows: An Overview

People may be throwing terms around such as ‘’electric windows’’ and ‘’electric roof windows’’, and if you have limited experience with these products you may be confused.

For those who don’t know, this product, otherwise known as an electric skylight, is a type of motorised glazing unit. They function in the same way as a typical rooflight, and provide all of the same benefits. These include increased property value, exposure to sunlight and overall property desirability. 

However, the electric kind features a capable and robust motor which makes opening and closing the unit easy. Sometimes rooflights do not have the ability to be opened, or opening them is quite difficult. Electric roof windows solve this problem with an easy to use motor which opens the window, providing ample ventilation in the process. Great, right? 

For people with accessibility issues, or for those who simply wish to be able to open the window with ease, this product is fantastic. 

In 2023, energy efficiency and the cost of energy bills are both popular topics. We have seen a steep increase in the cost of energy bills, so it certainly makes sense. 

We often receive enquiries from customers asking if our electric skylights contribute to a property’s energy efficiency in a positive way, or at all. And we are pleased to notify customers that they can have a positive impact. We explore this in more detail below. 

Are They Energy Efficient?

So, how exactly does this product contribute to a property’s energy efficiency in a positive way? Well, in a number of ways actually. 

Firstly, it is worth highlighting the difference between efficiency and expenditure. Expenditure refers to how much you use, whilst efficiency refers to how much energy is wasted in the process. The truth is, electric skylights can have a positive impact on both. 

In terms of energy expenditure, you are likely to need to use less electricity. They provide ample sunlight, which lessens the reliance on artificial lighting, and they can provide great ventilation. In the summer, for example, this could be an alternative to an air conditioner. 

Both of these things require a significant amount of electricity. Thus, you effectively lessen electricity consumption which increases energy efficiency.

Additionally, it can make any energy that is generated more efficient by reducing the amount of wasted energy. What do we mean by this? Well, many modern electric roof windows, including ours, feature thermally broken frames, fantastic sealing and specialised glazing. Should you wish, low E glass is an option too. 

All of these components work to keep the heat in. A significant amount of the heat we generate in our property is lost. Whilst the figures vary, some experts indicate it is close to one third. This product is specifically designed, therefore, to increase energy efficiency by reducing the amount of energy lost. 

Both of these things ultimately save you money and make your property significantly more energy efficient.

Your Leading Supplier of Electric Rooflights

If you are worried about your property’s energy efficiency, and are searching for effective ways to improve your situation, we would encourage you to contact us today.

Not only do we supply the aforementioned product, but we are able to offer tailored solutions that accommodate the client. 

If the goal is to create a product that goes further and increases energy efficiency, we can look at this together. Whether we look at the glazing options or type of framing, we endeavour to provide a solution that meets your needs. 

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