The Benefits of Conservatory Rooflights

If you are considering installing conservatory rooflights but just need a little more convincing, this article is for you.

The benefits of conservatory rooflights are endless for you and your surroundings, and it’s time to tap into the potential that rooflights have and ditch the plain white ceiling. In this article, we discuss the benefits of conservatory rooflights and the various advantages of adequate ventilation and conservatory insulation.

Increased light levels

The positioning of rooflights allows the sunlight to travel far further within your home than an ordinary window would. This direct light transmission can generate up to 25% more light in your room during the day, which will not only help your plants to photosynthesise, but also improve your mood.


Did you know that natural light can improve your mood? Artificial lighting can lead to eye strain and generally make you feel boxed in, resulting in a lower mood. But natural light can make you feel more connected to the outdoors and improve your energy levels exponentially. 

When it’s dark, our brains believe that it’s night-time, and naturally fall into a more sleepy state, But sun exposure can encourage your brain to understand and realise that it’s actually daytime, waking you up and increasing your energy levels.


Conservatory insulation is integral, especially in cold seasons when it seems that nothing you do will warm the room. Fortunately, conservatory insulation is achievable with the help of a rooflight. 

Our rooflights manufactured at The Rooflight Centre include double glazing as standard, but we do offer triple glazing as well, which helps to maintain internal temperatures and block external weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the conservatory insulation achieved by our rooflights is enhanced with the use of high-quality insulating sealants. These prevent cold air ingression and lowering the temperature of your conservatory. 
Conservatory insulation is especially vital during these difficult economic times. Installing conservatory rooflights will be a fantastic long-term solution to your energy-efficiency problems.


You may well know that sitting in your conservatory in the summer is almost hellish if you don’t have sufficient ventilation. Insulation is fantastic for increasing energy efficiency in your conservatory in colder seasons, but this insulation can be a curse when the weather begins to warm. 

Fortunately, here at The Rooflight Centre, we offer bespoke opening rooflights, electric and manual, to provide a source of insulation and promote airflow in your conservatory. 

Ventilation will make your conservatory feel a lot less stuffy and far more comfortable, especially in the depths of summer. 

Furthermore, ventilation will help to prevent mould growth if there is moisture in the air. Moisture and heat breed mould quickly, which can damage the structural integrity of your walls and spread to your belongings. So having adequate ventilation is vital to prevent this.

How can The Rooflight Centre help?

Here at The Rooflight Centre, we offer a selection of conservatory rooflights to help you achieve every goal we listed above. Whether you’re looking for an electric roof window for ease of use, a flat rooflight, a stylish Korniche Roof Lantern, or something entirely bespoke, we have what you need. 

Contact us now to start your journey with The Rooflight Centre and take your conservatory to the next level. 

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