Triple-Glazed Glass: Is It Worth It?

Triple-glazed glass is the next step up from double-glazed glass, and it has the features to prove it. But the question is: is triple-glazed glass worth it? This article will answer that question while presenting the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing.

Where did triple glazing come from?

Triple glazed glass was invented in Sweden, a cold climate that benefits vastly from the features that triple glazing has to offer. 

What is triple-glazed glass made of?

One of the advantages of triple glazed glass is that between the three panes of glass is a gas heavier than air, normally argon, that works as an insulator for noise and heat. The design of triple glazing is incredibly simple but extremely efficient.

The advantages of triple-glazing

  • Reduced noise levels

Due to the number of panes involved in triple glazing, external noise levels are reduced, and the overall sound pollution in your house will noticeably decrease. The effect that triple-glazed glass has on the noise in your home is not a rule, though. It all depends on the thickness of your panes and the amount of space in between them. 

  • Increased heat efficiency

Thermal transmittance is measured using a u-value. One of the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing is that it can have a u-value of two points lower than double glazing. Double glazing has an average u-value of 2.8, whereas triple glazing can have anywhere between 0.6 and 0.8. Again, this depends on the gas placed in between the glass panes, but this is a general rule. U-value directly correlates to increased heat efficiency. So, if you have triple-glazed glass, you’ll see the positive impacts quickly. 

If your triple glazing allows for better heat retention inside your home, you won’t be battling with external forces to keep your house warm when it is cold outside. This could save you up to £40 a year on heating bills if you choose to alternate from double to triple glazing, 

  • Reduces condensation

Linking back to heat efficiency, another of the advantages of triple glazing is that its lower u-values help to prevent the cold external temperatures from reacting with the warm temperatures inside of your home. Condensation is one of the primary causes of dampness and mould inside your home. So, any solution to such an expensive issue should be considered. 

  • Adds security 

One of the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing is that with more panes of glass comes increased security. Because the window itself is stronger, the level of security you receive from triple-glazed glass is higher. 

  • Raises property value

Despite living in a time of astronomical property prices, the demand for housing is ever-increasing. One of the advantages of triple glazing is that, as detailed above, it improves heat retention. This quality directly impacts the value of your house, as a well-insulated home will attract more buyers than an ill-insulated one. This is because a home with effective insulation methods doesn’t need as much constant heating to remain warm. Once again, this is desirable due to the energy crisis the country is currently facing.   

  • Durability

Triple-glazed glass is stronger and more durable than double-glazed glass, withstanding strong winds and harsh weather conditions. This doesn’t imply by any means that double glazing is weak, only that triple glazed adds an extra level of protection.

The disadvantages of triple-glazing

  • Structural requirements

Due to the sheer weight of triple-glazed glass, it is essential that you have strong foundations to install the triple-glazed glass. If your wall doesn’t possess the structural integrity required to hold triple glazing, then you shouldn’t try and install it. The weight of the glass can inflict damage which can be expensive to fix. The best thing to do is to contact a professional to assess the condition of your wall and decide whether it would be appropriate to install triple-glazed glass, or not. 

  • Heat deflection

Although triple-glazed glass is amazing at retaining the heat inside your home, its insulating properties also cause it to be good at keeping heat out. Although this is not a disadvantage on the surface, if you’re hoping to bring a natural glowy warmth into your home, you won’t get what you want. The transmission of light will remain uncompromised, but you won’t be able to count on any natural warmth getting into your home.

  • The expense

Triple-glazed glass costs about 30%-50% more than double-glazed, and this is without the installation costs included. The upfront cost is hefty but has a lifespan of around 20 years. Given the long life and plethora of advantages of triple glazing, it’s not that high of a price to pay. 

Generally, triple-glazed glass is a far superior alternative to double-glazed glass and can provide many enhanced benefits to your home. And although there are disadvantages to installing triple-glazed glass, there are also plenty of advantages. 

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