Choosing A Company To Install Bespoke Skylights

When choosing a company to install bespoke skylights, there are vital details you should consider before committing to a final decision. Skylights can be expensive, so it is essential that you employ an experienced company that is transparent and has a lot of positive reviews to support their business. 

This article will detail some things you can do to ensure you’re entrusting the best company with your bespoke skylights. 

Check the reviews

The first step clients usually take before employing a company to complete any service for them, with good reason. Reviews are the most truthful insight into a company and its practices that you can get. They come from previous customers who have seen the business operate firsthand. So, you could learn a lot from them. 

It is important to note, though, that if a company has a couple of negative reviews buried in a sea of positive reviews, that company does not instantly become untrustworthy. There are two sides to every story, and the truth of the matter could be accurate to the reviews or completely false. A way to verify the likeness of the negative reviews is to call the company yourself. The tone of their responses and their overall attitude on the phone will provide you with an indication of whether you’d like to allow them to install your bespoke skylights or not.

Study their website or social media page

The aesthetic quality of their website isn’t everything. But positive attributes such as a portfolio, gallery, and self-taken photos are a good way to identify whether you’d like to move forward with them. Seeing evidence of their previous work may encourage you to enquire about their services or cause you to turn away. 

Up-to-date contact information and an “About Us” page are also great ways to choose an installation company for your bespoke skylights. Proudly presenting their team and providing you with ample opportunity and different methods to contact them proves that the company values transparency with their potential clients.

Ensure that the company has a physical location

Unfortunately, people often fall victim to false companies because they trust only a phone number and a contact form. Ensuring that the business has a physical location confirms that the company exists. 

Legitimate and trustworthy companies will always give you a way to contact them. Whether it’s a phone number, email address, contact form, or address. Installing bespoke skylights can be expensive, so taking every precautionary measure possible to protect yourself is necessary.

Ask your rooflight manufacturers if they have any recommendations

There is a chance that your rooflight manufacturers may not have anything to offer in terms of recommendations. But it never hurts to ask. Your rooflight manufacturers, if they do know of a couple of installation companies, would never recommend an untrustworthy company to you.

What can Rooflight Centre do for you?

Here at Rooflight Centre, we are not installation engineers. What we are is a highly-experienced and knowledgeable bespoke skylight manufacturer that can help you design the skylight you’ve been looking for. Whether you have an existing curb and simply want a small replacement bespoke skylight or you’d like a larger area covered, we can offer you the right support.

Contact us today to receive a quote from our team!

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