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The Benefits of Brett Martin Flat Roof Windows

Are you in search of the next big flat roof window to give your home a little style? Or perhaps you want to save on energy costs by improving natural light and ventilation? Or maybe you are tired of your boring roof that doesn’t give your home any value…

Well, we have the perfect solution! Brett Martin flat roof windows are one of the most efficient assets your home could have. Not only do they improve kerb appeal, but provide many other benefits we will discuss in today’s article.

Brett Martin Flat Rooflight


Clean Internal Appearance

One of the main factors of installing flat rooflights is to have a clear view of the sky to improve productivity. There’s something so calming about watching the night sky or the birds flying above, but you can’t do that with an obstructed view.

But Brett Martin has thought about every aspect, including visuals. These flat glass rooflights take advantage of hidden actuators and cables even when open.

Modern and Stylish Design

This flat glass rooflight is designed to look appealing both on the interior and exterior of your property. There are multiple glass options available changing the tint, and amount of heat and sunlight let into your build. The elegant aluminium frame is powder-coated to a signature Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), but there are plenty of colour choices to match your own roof.

Building Regulations

There is always some form of regulation when adding to your build, but flat glass rooflights actually have the least requirements. You don’t need planning permission for flat rooflights, even if you own a listed building. As long as the product ensures proper ventilation and doesn’t surpass height restrictions, flat glass rooflights are suitable for any build.

Flat roof windows are suitable for mounting directly to a builders upstand, or with PVC kerb in two height options for new build and refurbishment applications.

Automatic Settings:

Sometimes flat rooflights may be too high to reach or too heavy to open, but there’s no need to worry about that with Brett Martin flat roof windows. This model is available as a fixed or manually-powered rooflight, offering complete flexibility when opening and closing.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is an important factor for any window. You want to know you can save money by using less electricity. While flat glass rooflights are exemplary at being cost-effective alternatives to other windows, this model is glazed with low-e-insulated (low-emissivity) double-glazed glass units.

Low-e glass is still new on the market, but it’s already expected to be a popular replacement for other glazing in the next few years. It offers extra insulation, UV protection, durability, and energy efficiency all dependent on the weather.

Durability and Safety:

BRE Globally Verified

These flat rooflights are BRE accredited; a leading independent testing organisation that ensures complete efficiency. To understand more of the specific configurations of Brett Martin flat roof windows, you can view the official EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for more information.


This model is highly secure, unlike any other window. They offer improved protection against intrusion and vandalism with a toughened exterior frame. You can also install blinds for added privacy when you need it most. In case of damage, and wear and tear, there is a guaranteed 10-year warranty for this flat rooflight.

Safety Features

It may be daunting opening your windows if you are anxious about them suddenly breaking, which is why Brett Martin has designed additional safety features for those below and above the rooflight.

The laminated inner-pane and toughened outer-pane were designed for maximum safety, and has helped the flat rooflight achieve a non-fragile status to the following standards:

  1. CWCT TN-67 (for class 1 or 2 roofs depending on size)
  2. Class B non-fragile to ACR[M]001 when new and fully installed to Brett Martin installation guide


The Brett Martin flat roof window is available in a wide range of sizes, with nine standard sizes delivered from 48 hours from order, including:

  1. 600 x 600
  2. 750 x 750
  3. 900 x 600
  4. 900 x 900
  5. 1000 x 1000
  6. 1200 x 600
  7. 1200 x 900
  8. 1200 x 1200
  9. 1500 x 1000

However, at The Rooflight Centre, we can provide bespoke sizing to perfectly match your build. We can manufacture a wide range of sizes from 600 mm x 600 mm to 3600 mm x 1650 mm.

Thermal Efficiency:

When you purchase a new window, a big factor is knowing it won’t compromise on natural sunlight so you can save on electricity. This model has a thermally-isolated frame, double-glazing, and a UV-stable, silicone-sealed insulating glass unit for extra durability.

When the weather is warm, these flat rooflights offer UV protection, allowing as much heat as you need without making the room stuffy. Alternatively, it blocks the cold from entering and the heating from escaping during cold weather.

This works by targeting specific U-values, some as low as 1.46W/m2K. This determines solar control, sun glare, and general weather compatibility.


Thermally-Broken Aluminium Frame

The Brett Martin flat roof window offers a thermally-broken aluminium frame that reduces the risk of condensation, which further reduces the likelihood of mould and mildew from growing. 

These things predominantly cause issues in the colder months and can have adverse effects on everyone, especially those with respiratory problems. Not having proper ventilation for our windows is very common, but this flat rooflight is airtight with maximum ventilation.

Manual and Automatic Ventilation

It also has an automatic humidity-controlled trickle ventilation system that stops your room from getting too dry or too moist. However, there are a range of ventilation options, including a manual system, to meet your specific needs.

Brett Martin Flat Roof Windows at The Rooflight Centre

We are sure these benefits have helped sway your decision towards installing your very own flat rooflights. Afterall, if better thermal insulation and security features don’t tempt you, how about the improved appearance of your property?

Look no further than The Rooflight Centre as your local leading supplier of flat rooflights. We endeavour to meet your requirements and ensure delivery on bespoke products within 5 weeks. Need a size we keep in stock? In that case, delivery starts from just 48 hours.

We only manufacture the finest quality products for our customers, no matter the complexity of their project. We ensure complete compliance with regulations for your satisfaction and safety.
Contact us today if you are in the market for one of the best-selling products of the year, Brett Martin flat roof windows.

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