Applications for Walk On Rooflights

The walk on rooflight is fast becoming a staple in modern design and architecture. So much so, that nowadays the applications in which walk on rooflights are found are hugely varied.

Having spoken at length about the benefits of this product in other articles, and having offered it to our clientbase for a number of years, we certainly appreciate the appeal. 

Truthfully, walk on glass rooflights are fantastic products that offer phenomenal levels of aesthetic appeal and durability. Moreover, they can be used in a wide range of applications with pleasing and often surprising results. 

Today, we at The Rooflight Centre are taking a close look at walk on rooflights. After outlining what they are, we are going to explore the many applications in which this system is beneficial. Continue below for more information.

Walk On Glass Rooflights Explained

This product has featured in our blog previously, such as when we explored the comparisons between an ordinary and walk on rooflight.

If you are not a frequent visitor or are inexperienced in this field, it is no issue. Before we take a look at where you are likely to see this product, we are going to offer a brief summary. 

Simply put, it is an architectural feature that combines the typical features of a rooflight with a safe platform for walking. Whilst it allows natural light to pour into the space below, it also features specialised glass and framing which can safely facilitate domestic foot traffic. Typically, this type of installation is flush with the roof.  

The result is a rooflight that provides both aesthetic appeal and practical value. Nowadays, you are likely to see them in a range of domestic and commercial applications. The uniqueness of the walk on feature is popular amongst commercial buyers, particularly those looking to wow guests or customers. 

They are still highly popular in domestic buildings though, where homeowners are looking to push the boundaries in terms of design and aesthetics. We take a look at the most popular applications below.

Exploring The Different Applications 

  • Domestic Properties

In modern design and architectural projects, especially in commercial settings, you are far more likely to see rooflights that can hold foot traffic. 

However, many domestic property owners still make use of this product because of the fantastic levels of durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Those with an eye for modern design are particularly fond of it, as it combines practicality with huge amounts of visual appeal. 

  • Commercial/ Public Spaces

If you are to come across this type of rooflight in a commercial space, it is most likely to be an art gallery, museum or retail centre. 

This is because it lends itself well to these environments, as it provides appeal for the public whilst also functioning as a means to emphasise certain features within the building. 

Strategically placing one above an art exhibition or display area, for example, can invite the public in whilst simultaneously illuminating the feature below. 

  • Industry/ Work Spaces

Modern offices and workspaces that are looking to push design boundaries are often fond of this type of system. 

Whilst it provides sunlight for the workforce, thus serving an important function from a health and productivity perspective, it also provides a point of intrigue for prospective visitors and clients. This is hugely beneficial for companies that want to portray a certain commercial image.

The same can be said for industrial spaces, where a walk on rooflight is likely to increase sunlight exposure, lessen reliance on artificial lighting systems whilst also not contributing any safety concerns. 

  • Hospitality 

For similar reasons already discussed, the hospitality and leisure industry often makes use of this product. 

Not only does it provide a crucial point of intrigue for guests, which is fantastic for business and customer retention, but it creates great ambiance because of the sunlight which is allowed to pour through. 

Spas and wellness retreats may also choose to integrate a rooflight which can facilitate domestic foot traffic, as it adds sophistication and promotes wellness values through increased sunlight exposure.

Walk On Rooflights at The Rooflight Centre

In a number of modern properties, whether commercial or residential, walk on glass rooflights are being included. They offer a number of practical and aesthetic benefits, which are particularly useful for those who need to impress customers. 

Still, many domestic property owners make use of this product and obtain pleasing results. Regardless of the application, you are likely to find an investment in this type of rooflight a worthwhile one. 

If you are interested in this type of rooflight for your property, we would love to hear from you. We are a leading stockist of walk on rooflights for flat roofs, with all of our systems boasting a myriad of fantastic features. In addition, if you are looking for a larger project for your glass roofs, why not visit our parent company Lonsdale Metal.

For a quote or to learn more about our product offering, including pricing and specification, contact us today.

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