The Benefits Of Natural Light For Children

The benefits of natural light are endless. It helps to stimulate our brains and promote the production and release of hormones that increase our quality of life.

The health benefits of natural light rely on regular exposure which can be difficult to achieve, let alone maintain throughout adulthood. But for children with no responsibilities or obligations, the frequent experience of natural light is far more attainable. 

In this article written by The Rooflight Centre, we will discuss the plentiful health benefits of natural light for children and how to increase natural light in your home.

The modern world

In a society driven by technology in all aspects, it can be easy to fall into routines that make it difficult for us to experience the benefits of natural light. As adults, working in confined offices and staring at computer screens for eight hours a day is normal. But for children, constant usage of electronic devices can be incredibly hindering on the development of their brains and how they behave. 

Studies show that extended screen time is responsible for disturbed sleep in children and babies, and can lead to addictive behaviours which lessen their interest in more beneficial activities. Natural light has an undoubtedly high number of physical and mental health benefits and shouldn’t be suppressed. When children become enamoured with technology, they inadvertently omit the benefits of natural light from their lives. 

What are the benefits of natural light?

Natural light is extremely advantageous for mental and physical well-being. Possibly one of the best benefits of natural light is its ability to encourage the production of serotonin in the brain, which chemically formulates feelings of happiness and contentment. Serotonin is a powerful neurotransmitter because it promotes good sleep patterns and aids in the development of long-term memory. 

Sleep is an integral aspect of childhood. When we sleep, our bodies recharge, create strong neurological bonds to retain information and release hormones and proteins that aid in growth and healthy brain development. Toddlers and young children require somewhere between 11-14 hours of sleep a day, and school-age children need from 9-12. 

One of the primary benefits of natural light is that it provides high quantities of vitamin D, which is responsible for the continued health of bones and teeth, the strengthening of the immune system, and the normal function and growth of internal organs and muscles. When children play outside, not only are their brains stimulated by their surroundings, and their bodies are tired from exercise, but their entire being receives a health boost vital for their development. 

Another of the benefits of natural light is the lessened degree of eye strain which is caused by screens that could encourage vision problems later in life. Natural light helps to promote the production of dopamine, which not only contributes to motivation and learning in children but also to the healthy development of the eyes. 

How to increase natural light exposure

The best way to expose children to the benefits of natural light is simply to take them outside. Nature is a fundamental component of human history that has been lost since civilization evolved. But this doesn’t mean we can’t regain and maintain the connection to it we once had. Nature is not only a method to receive the benefits of natural light, but it also contributes to academic competency and mental and physical health. 

The constant stimulation a child receives from being in nature is invaluable to their brain development and provides them the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills. Nature is a learning opportunity, and the health benefits of natural light they receive simultaneously are perfect for a well-rounded and happy child. 

Natural light indoors

Although the benefits of natural light outdoors are incredibly helpful to a child’s development, we understand that as busy caregivers, it’s not always possible to take several hours of your day to dedicate to outdoor activities. There are ways you can increase the levels of natural light inside your home to help connect your children to nature and expose them to the health benefits of natural light without going outside. The following list will cover how to increase natural light for children indoors. 

  • Install Bifold Doors

Rather than concealing the corners of your house with walls and blocky PVC or chunky wooden doors, you can increase your child’s exposure to natural light with the help of a bifold door. Our selection of Korniche bifold doors is available in several sash variations, bespoke sizes, and custom configurations to ensure your bifold door fits perfectly into your home. The greatest benefit of bifold doors is the amount of natural light they allow into your room. For younger children who can’t yet independently leave the house, bifold doors are a great way to expose them to the benefits of natural light. 

  • Install A Rooflight

Compared to ordinary windows, rooflights can increase the distance light travels through your room by three times. This is due to the placement of the rooflights which allows sunlight directly into your room. The amount of sunlight entering your room can host fantastic benefits for your children, so they’re not to be overlooked. 

How can we help?

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