All you need to know about flat roof windows.

Flat roof windows are a brilliantly energy-efficient and stylish way to keep your home or business lit during the day. They allow for some much-needed natural light to make its way into your building and add an extra sense of modernity that will make your building stand out.

What you might not know is just how much consideration goes into the production of flat roof lights and how their qualities can benefit you. Wonder no more, this article will tell you everything you need to know about flat roof windows.

Glass Types

Glass is the main component of all windows, and there are more kinds than simply higher glazing levels. Here at Rooflight Centre, we can provide you with multiple different glass types, including toughened safety glass, which is far stronger than the average pane of glass.

Toughened Safety Glass

Glass is the main component of all windows, and there are more kinds than simply higher glazing levels. Here at Rooflight Centre, we can provide you with multiple different glass types, including toughened safety glass, which is far stronger than the average pane of glass. 

Toughened safety glass is a type of glass that endures a destructive test called Heat Soak Testing to ensure that the glass isn’t liable to shatter and is strong enough to survive various weather conditions. 

Heat Soak Testing is a process in which tempered glass is placed in a 300-degree heated oven and held at temperature for two hours. Most glass containing Nickel Sulphide will not make it through this test, nor is it suitable for use for flat roof windows. 

Toughened safety glass does not contain Nickel Sulphide, but is made from soda ash, silica sand, and limestone, to name a few. These raw ingredients result in highly strengthened glass that is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass and is perfect to manufacture flat roof windows. 

The second different glass type is solar control glass. This kind of glass is coated with a solution designed to reduce the amount of heat entering a building through your flat roof light. It reflects and absorbs heat, which reduces the need for air conditioning and blinds and will save you money. 

Most kinds of solar control glass include a tint that increases overall cooling performance by using darker colours like blue and grey that absorb more heat. It is possible to purchase clear solar control glass, but they do not perform as well as tinted glass. 

The third different glass type is satin privacy glass. Satin glass is made when a clear sheet of glass is exposed to hydrofluoric acid, which gives a frosted effect and makes it difficult to see in or out of it. 

So, if you want to see the sky out of your flat roof window, this type of glass will not be for you. But if you’re looking for an extra layer of privacy without installing blinds, satin privacy glass will be a perfect choice. 

Despite its thick and blurry appearance, this type of glass makes it no more difficult for light to get through. It simply makes it easier for unwanted onlookers to see inside. There are five levels of privacy this glass can provide that make it more or less difficult to distinguish what is on the other side of the window.

If you’d like to learn more about our satin glass and the privacy levels we can provide, contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained professionals. 

The fourth and final different glass type is low-maintenance glass. Panes of glass naturally include tiny dips that aren’t visible to the naked eye. These dips provide an environment for bacteria to grow and make your glass look mucky. 

Low maintenance glass doesn’t have these dips, as they are filled in with a microscopic coating that causes the external window pane to be incredibly smooth and allows for very little texture that the dirt would normally stick to. 

Since there is nowhere for the dirt to rest, as the surface is so level, the glass doesn’t need to be cleaned very often, hence its name. Flat roof windows can be difficult and time-consuming to clean properly. So, by choosing to install low-maintenance glass, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and energy. 


Window curbs are not a necessary requirement when installing a flat roof window, but they are sometimes needed if you’re trying to adhere to building regulations. It’s also likely that you will find that the benefits of installing window curbs outweigh the negatives.

The purpose of window curbs is to prevent the flat rooflight from coming into direct contact with the surface of the roof and ensure that the window is fully weather-proofed. 

Curbs are usually made from stainless steel or aluminium, two materials renowned for their durability and corrosion resistance, qualities which make them an excellent choice when considering the weather conditions they will have to endure.

UV Stable Silicone Seals

All kinds of windows, including flat roof lights, should be sealed with a highly durable and weather-resistant sealant. Ensuring that the flat roof window stays firmly in place and doesn’t allow moisture to find its way into the building. 

Moisture breeds mold, which will only further damage the frames of your windows and render them unfit for use far faster than expected. 

Silicone provides airtight protection and is incredibly water resistant. These qualities make silicone a perfect material to seal flat roof lights with, as it will endure harsh weather conditions and disallow moisture from accessing your room. 

Additionally, silicone will bond to any surface without damaging the synthetic materials around it. So you won’t struggle with installation. 

The UV stability of this silicone seal is extremely high, so it is not at all likely to break down when exposed to the sun.

Window Frames

The window frames used for flat roof windows are usually made from aluminium because, as stated above, aluminium has excellent corrosion resistance that makes it perfect for outdoor use. 

These frames are also thermally broken. Essentially, this means that materials like polyamide plastic or fabric are used to bridge the gap between the inner and outer frames of the flat rooflight and act as a form of insulation. Polyamide plastic is highly temperature-resistant, so it is great for this purpose.

Rooflight Centre Specialities

Here at Rooflight Centre, we can offer you a 10-year guarantee on all of our flat roof windows, as well as a vast range of product sizes or the option to create a bespoke size! Contact us today to make an inquiry and have a flat roof window installed in your building.

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