Do Bifold Doors Add Value To a Property

Ever wondered ‘’do bifold doors add value to a property?’’ – You are not alone. Here at The Rooflight Centre, a wealth of our customers enquire about bifold door installations. What people often ask us is whether there is a good return on investment.

People want to know whether value will be added to the home if they look to have bifold doors installed, which can sometimes be costly. The good news is that bifold doors, for the most part, do add value to a property. Today we are taking a closer look at bifold doors, and asking: ‘’do bifold doors add value?’’.  

Bifold Doors Explained 

For those that do not know what bifold doors are, they are a large glazed door system that can be installed internally or externally. The vast majority of the time, homeowners opt for external installations that are placed on the back of a property. 

This type of door system is usually glazed with large panels of glass that lets a lot of natural light in, and adds a contemporary edge to any property. The added transparency is well suited to modern, minimalist homes. They utilise a simple tracking system which is connected to the panels, which runs along a train. The doors fold in on themselves and then glide along this tracking system. The result is a greater connection between the indoor and outdoor space of a property. 

So, Do Bifold Doors Add Value to the Home?

If you have been wondering ‘’will bifold doors add value to a house’’, you may be pleasantly surprised at the data. It is estimated that a bifold door installation can add between 5 and 10% to the value of a property. What this means is that installing bifold doors may not only be desirable, but extremely worthwhile. And even if you are in your forever home, they still have a great deal of value to homeowners themselves. The improved outdoor access and availability of natural light, for example, can be endlessly valuable and have great mental benefits. So bifold doors add value for the following reasons: 

  • They can open wide and create a vast space. This is beneficial indoors, but is extremely valuable when bridging the gap between the indoors and the outdoors. Your home works harmoniously with your garden
  • They can help with a property’s thermal efficiency 
  • They implement a ‘wow’ factor into a property. This is especially true if they are combined with sleek, modern aluminium frames 

Installations by The Rooflight Centre

So, will bifold doors add value to a house? They can, yes. And this is not just necessarily monetary value. If you have no plans to sell your property anytime soon, bifold doors still have a lot of aesthetic value. They look phenomenal and, most importantly, they open up your home and allow natural light to pour in. If budget is a concern, we at The Rooflight Centre offer expert installations at competitive prices. Contact us today for more information on our bifold door services. 

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