2023 Interior Design Trends To Watch

If you’re looking for interior design trends to help revitalise your home, you’ve come to the right place. Now that the year is in full swing, it’s time to consider 2023 interior design to keep your home looking contemporary. In this article, suggest how you can achieve a fashionable kitchen, cosy living room, and modern bathroom, in line with current interior design trends. 


Current interior design trends are leaning towards cultivating your home to prioritise mental and physical wellness. There are several ways you can do this, including enhancing the presence of natural light throughout your home, creating a jungle of plants in every room, and ensuring better ventilation. 

One easy way you can increase the ventilation and natural light presence in your home is to install a rooflight. Although they may be a considerable initial investment, you will notice a positive impact on your mood in the long run. 

Not only do they allow light to travel over 20% further in your home than the average window, but if you install an opening rooflight, you’ll grant yourself instant access to effective ventilation. 

Furthermore, this up-and-coming piece of 2023 interior design will help to reduce your energy bills long-term, by negating the need for artificial lighting during the day. 

You could choose to install one in any room of your house. Create a fashionable kitchen, a well-lit conservatory, or a breathable bathroom with a rooflight! 

Here at The Rooflight Centre, we have a range of rooflights available to order from our website. From Flat and Korniche to Opening to Bespoke, we manufacture all kinds of rooflights for competitive prices. Browse our range now and get in contact with us if you’d like to order a bespoke rooflight for your home! 


The impact that over-consumption has on our planet is undeniable, and the population is beginning to take the situation into their own hands. With the sheer number of online re-selling stores of the likes of Vinted, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace, one of the most popular interior design trends in 2023 is upcycling.

Upcycling is taking an item of décor or furniture and restoring it. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of items people are giving away for free simply because they need it out of the way. Oftentimes, these items aren’t broken or even necessarily in bad condition. All they need is a dusting or a vacuum. 


Beige, grey, and white are out, and colour is in. We’ve noticed interior design trends favour more colourful decorations, vibrant walls, and interesting furniture. Your home is yours to do with what you like. So if you want a bright green wall and pink sofas, go for it! 


A current staple of 2023 interior design is mindfulness towards your surroundings. Minimalism hasn’t totally disappeared, but it is becoming more trendy to include more décor in your rooms than it was just a few years ago. 

Mindful decoration is ensuring most items in your room have a discernable purpose. Faux book bookcases, random cluttering trinkets, and unnecessary decor pieces are out. Each item in your room should have a reason to be there. If it doesn’t, consider whether you really need it at all! 

We hope you have been inspired by this short list of home design trends projected to be a staple in most homes in 2023! 

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