Rooflight Installation: Will It Help My Sleep?

You may not have considered before how rooflight installation may help your sleep, but this article will tell you why it does. Rooflight installation is beneficial for several reasons. But the way it impacts your sleep patterns is possibly the most direct advantage. 

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, this article will tell you how sky rooflights can positively affect the regulation, duration, and quality of your sleep.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is imperative to your physical and mental well-being, and the lack of it can affect your body in more ways than you may realise. 

  • It allows your circulatory system to rest

When you fall asleep, your blood pressure and heart rate fall because your body isn’t working nearly as hard to function as it does when you’re awake. These elements quickly rise again once you wake up in the morning, and help to bring you out of a sleepy state. 

If you wake multiple times throughout the night, your body doesn’t have a chance to properly engage in low-pressure circulation. Furthermore, the interruption can cause sharp spikes in blood pressure and heart rate, which can eventually cause angina or chest pain. 

  • It regulates your hormones

When you wake up in the morning, your body releases cortisol, which increases your sense of alertness and makes you less sleepy. If you’re constantly waking throughout the night, these hormones will continue production and prevent you from falling asleep again. This could lead to chronic insomnia if untreated. 

  • It helps with weight maintenance

During sleep, your body metabolises your food. You may notice, with interrupted sleep, that you crave certain foods more, particularly fatty, sweet and salty foods. Furthermore, you will have higher levels of the hormones that control hunger in your body, which will cause you to feel hungrier. Lastly, disturbed sleep will make you sleepier throughout the day and decrease your drive to exercise. 

These things combined may cause weight gain over time. 

  • It reduces the chances of immune issues

Disturbed sleep can interrupt the natural reinforcement process of your immune system and cause you to become ill far easier. Colds and infections are more common in those who have insomnia or generally interrupted sleep. 

Sleep is the period in which your body rejuvenates, and if it is not allowed to do so, you will find yourself becoming ill more frequently. 

How Sky Rooflights help with sleep

Rooflight installation can help you to achieve a higher quality of sleep and regulate your sleep patterns. But how?

  • Light cycles

Your body has what is known as a Circadian Rhythm. Which is essentially the process your body undergoes to wake up and fall asleep in line with the level of light outside. 

If your room is dark in the morning, especially in the winter, your Cardician Rhythm will be negatively affected, and you may find it more difficult to wake up in the morning. However, the enhanced light levels sky rooflights provide, will allow more natural sunlight into your room in the morning, and help you wake up and maintain your Cardician Rhythm. 

Due to the positioning of sky rooflights being directly on the ceiling, they allow up to three times more light into a room than ordinary windows. 

  • Ventilation and Insulation

In the winter, it becomes more difficult to regulate and maintain temperatures within the home, as even the smallest of gaps in the walls, doors, and windows, can allow gusts of cold air to ingress. If you have exceptional insulation measures in place, however, it can become more difficult to achieve sufficient ventilation in the summer, and your home can become stuffy. 

Correct rooflight installation can provide effective insulation in the winter, to create a more comfortable temperature for your bedroom. Warmth helps to promote sleep, and sleep duration. So if your bespoke roof window is well sealed, you can improve your sleep. 

Furthermore, an opening bespoke roof window can also help to improve sleep in the summer. High temperatures and humid weather conditions can sometimes make attempting to fall asleep or staying asleep incredibly difficult in the summer. But with an opening rooflight, you can encourage ventilation in your room and introduce cooler temperatures to help you sleep. 

Essentially, rooflight installation can help you to be more comfortable during sleep and thus, encourage a higher quality of sleep.  

How to achieve optimal sleep

Rooflight installation is a great way to help you achieve a better quality of sleep. But there are a few extra things you can do in combination with rooflight installation to achieve optimal sleep long-term. 

  • Set a schedule

Bedtimes aren’t just for children. To rejuvenate yourself for the next day, you should have a consistent and routine bedtime. The time you go to bed should preferably be in line with your Cardician Rhythm to encourage sunlight to wake you up in the morning after getting the correct amount of sleep. 

Adults should have about eight hours of sleep a day to feel refreshed the next morning. Setting yourself a specific bedtime will allow you to achieve this amount of sleep and reinforce your body’s sleep-wake cycle. A bespoke roof window will help you to achieve this. 

  • Increase bright light exposure during the day

Rooflight installation can help with this. Bright light exposure during the day can help you to stay awake and the noticeable absence of it at night can encourage your body to become sleepy at the right time. 

Studies have shown that frequent bright light exposure during the day can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by up to 83%. Rooflight installation in your home can introduce great amounts of light into your property without requiring you to go outside at all. So to improve your light exposure while inside, install a bespoke roof window.

How The Rooflight Centre can help

Here at The Rooflight Centre, we manufacture and supply bespoke roof windows to businesses and homeowners across the country for competitive prices. Whether you’re interested in opening rooflights, bespoke roof windows, or Korniche roof lanterns for your bedroom, we can help. 

Although we don’t offer rooflight installation in-house, we supply thorough installation guides to help you or your installation engineer to fit your rooflight correctly. Contact us today if you have any further questions about any of our products! We’re always happy to help! 

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