Applications for Walk On Rooflights

The walk on rooflight is fast becoming a staple in modern design and architecture. So much so, that nowadays the applications in which walk on rooflights are found are hugely varied.

Having spoken at length about the benefits of this product in other articles, and having offered it to our clientbase for a number of years, we certainly appreciate the appeal. 

Truthfully, walk on glass rooflights are fantastic products that offer phenomenal levels of aesthetic appeal and durability. Moreover, they can be used in a wide range of applications with pleasing and often surprising results. 

Today, we at The Rooflight Centre are taking a close look at walk on rooflights. After outlining what they are, we are going to explore the many applications in which this system is beneficial. Continue below for more information.

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Why Should I Purchase a Korniche Roof Lantern?

When it comes to purchasing a roof lantern, you have a lot of options. With so many variations on the market, from different manufacturers, it can make deciding on the right unit for you very difficult. 

In our experience, the Korniche roof lantern represents one of the best roof lanterns you can buy. It boasts an array of features which, in our experience, define it as the unmatched roof lantern available today. 

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What’s the Difference Between an Ordinary and Walk-On Rooflight?

There are a number of different rooflights on the market today. The walk-on rooflight now represents a healthy percentage of the units sold, and for good reason. 

The walk-on glass rooflight offers buyers the best of both worlds, in a sense. You can still enjoy the benefits of a typical rooflight installation whilst retaining any outdoor roof space. 

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Are Electric Roof Windows Energy Efficient?

In a lot of modern properties, you will likely see the integration of electric roof windows. Not only do these fantastic products provide the benefits of a traditional roof window, but they go further in providing better accessibility and ventilation. 

With the recent rise in the cost of energy bills, people are rightfully looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in the home. Afterall the more energy efficient a property is, the less the homeowner is spending on energy bills. Makes total sense.

With that in mind, people often ask us if electric roof windows are energy efficient. Meaning, does this product have the ability to add to a property’s energy efficiency in a positive way. 

Today we are unpacking that. As a leading supplier of modern electric roof windows, we want to demonstrate how great this product really is. Moreover, we want to show how they can vastly improve your home’s energy expenditure.

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The Benefits of Brett Martin Flat Roof Windows

Are you in search of the next big flat roof window to give your home a little style? Or perhaps you want to save on energy costs by improving natural light and ventilation? Or maybe you are tired of your boring roof that doesn’t give your home any value…

Well, we have the perfect solution! Brett Martin flat roof windows are one of the most efficient assets your home could have. Not only do they improve kerb appeal, but provide many other benefits we will discuss in today’s article.

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2023 Interior Design Trends To Watch

If you’re looking for interior design trends to help revitalise your home, you’ve come to the right place. Now that the year is in full swing, it’s time to consider 2023 interior design to keep your home looking contemporary. In this article, suggest how you can achieve a fashionable kitchen, cosy living room, and modern bathroom, in line with current interior design trends. 

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Rooflight Installation: Will It Help My Sleep?

You may not have considered before how rooflight installation may help your sleep, but this article will tell you why it does. Rooflight installation is beneficial for several reasons. But the way it impacts your sleep patterns is possibly the most direct advantage. 

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, this article will tell you how sky rooflights can positively affect the regulation, duration, and quality of your sleep.

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The Benefits of Conservatory Rooflights

If you are considering installing conservatory rooflights but just need a little more convincing, this article is for you. The benefits of conservatory rooflights are endless for you and your surroundings, and it’s time to tap into the potential that rooflights have and ditch the plain white ceiling. 

In this article, we discuss the benefits of conservatory rooflights and the various advantages of adequate ventilation and conservatory insulation.

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Manufacturing Glass: How is it Done?

If you’re interested in the science behind manufacturing glass, this article is for you. The type of glass used for decorative pieces tends to be far more brittle than its reinforced alternatives, toughened glass, and safety glass. But what changes need to be made when manufacturing glass to achieve these different types?

In this article, we discuss how the different types of glass are made and the properties of each type.

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